In March 2018, I had the fortunate opportunity to be the best man for one of my best friend's wedding... Yea, I know, I was forced into a speech.

But the funny thing is... I don't remember what I said. Hahaha! I know (shameful cry)... but after I was done speaking, the groom told me that the speech I delivered was actually very inspiring, so it got me thinking.

One day, I will become a Keynote Speaker and eventually become a TedX speaker too. Now I've done numerous orientations, training seminars, MC'ing events, and coaching sessions before, but public speaking is a whole different ball game. 

To which you, dear reader, if you're looking for a speaker for one of your events or seminars relating to personal growth or professional development like career performance, mental health in the workplace, or relationship building through soft-skills training, then I'd be more than happy to fill in. Why should we hire you?

MY SPEAKING RATE CAN BE FREE OF CHARGE... under a few conditions. 

No, I'm not going to have you sacrifice a goat or pay me $5,000 for an hour's speech. There are just a few things I learned from other Keynote Speakers of what not to do... so I want to prudent for you and your audience if you bring me on board. 

Looking forward to being your speaker, 

C. Gray

For more details please send an email to