4 Steps To ReCreating Yourself (No Matter How Lost You Are)

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

"Everyone wants a guarantee in life, but the only certainty you can count on is death... so what do you intend to accomplish before that moment comes?" - Cristian Gray

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You may have noticed during this global pandemic how much control you don't have in your life. That's okay because you're now aware of some inconsistencies needing to be addressed. What's not acceptable is your failure to fix the recurring issues. For this reason, you need to establish and/or reshape your purpose in life by using a 4-column foundation to identity solidification.

Become Woke In 4-Steps

Throughout your lifespan, you'll be constantly thrown into various hell holes and mosh pits of chaos that will challenge you to your breaking point. This does not mean you can give in per se rather accept those challenges as learning opportunities to grow yourself. Growth comes from persevering through discomfort hence you can't scale your potential by living inside a bubble of comfort. Continuously mold your life's purpose and scale your potential with these 4-steps:

  1. Health & Wellness Maintenance

  2. Willingness To Give Back

  3. Environment Control

  4. Tight Money Management

It's much easier to say you want to accomplish things in comparison to realistically reaching your objectives. During this global pandemic, it's evident how much people are tanking themselves in nearly all aspects of their life. Quarantine itself did not fuck people's living situations rather it exacerbated their recurring circumstances.

Adversity Is A Hurdle, Not An Excuse

For instance, when the gym's closed it gave people an excuse to not exercise even though there are plenty of other ways to work out. Correct me if I'm wrong, but people resorted to binge-watching Netflix, eating too much, and drinking alcohol in excess thus resulting in a change of their character such as weight gain, lethargy, alcoholism, and possibly depression with anxiety.

Add on taking away someone's job/role in life, it corned them into a state of questioning that asked, "Who the fuck am I!? For the longest time, I've been doing (role) but now that it's gone, I don't know what to do anymore..." As a result, it led people into finding different ways to cope with the uncertainty of their identity thus creating a lack of identity crisis. The caveat to this is how their self-confidence shouldn't have been attached to what they do rather the contribution of how they do it.

You Can't Text A Tough Convo

No one likes a dick metaphorically speaking. Being around people that make you feel alone is worse than actually being alone. When quarantine hit and it secluded us as a society to be with our loved ones, you'd think it would've been an opportunity for us to become closer when it actually did the opposite. Elizabeth Roster from the New York Post states that 31% of the spiked divorce rates in the United States were caused by irreparable damage during the lockdown. With this in mind, the true nature of peoples' network came to light. By having to work in isolation, communication patterns were frequently misconstrued then producing more concerns across organizations. In a turn of events, there have been bridges burned and damaged beyond repair. There are only so many ways one can translate a text or email until things become agitating due to its misinterpretation. Being in seclusion showed us as people how much we rely on tonality and nonverbal communication when compared to words alone. In fact, it allowed us to see who were our real friends and peers. You can't write a tough conversation like a termination notice. You have to consult with the other party in-person, or video message, to thoroughly relay the message. All the while businesses were closing and relationships were failing, the spirituality of giving people became highlighted to narrow down who was delivering the best value during a period of chaos.

Emotional Intelligence Matters

Part of the reason for failure during quarantine was based on the lack of value between relations. Who was giving more or producing less? For instance, between a wife and husband who was willing to compensate for x reason and in return, provide y to balance the favor. Between business and client, who was being understandable and compassionate during the shutdown to reach a consensus in moving forward. Although these examples are vague, the emotional intelligence of people showed their true colors to highlight who could de-escalate high-pressure situations and accordingly handle conflict resolutions.

Lastly, as people applied for unemployment and businesses filed for bankruptcy, the financial statuses of people were also revealed. Society found out who were living beyond their means and how businesses were exhausting more than what was coming in. Not to say this pandemic did anything wrong in itself, but it pushed the weak out of the game and challenged the relentless to persevere with the exemption to mortality rates.


While it may be true the pandemic placed a burden on all of us, it brought plenty of things out that were behind closed doors and positioned us to ask for help. We realized we can't win at life alone and to a degree, everyone needs help in some aspect of their life. Yes some of us developed bad habits from this and depending on the severity, we resorted to drinking alcohol to excess, exploring drugs, binge-watching TV shows, playing too many video games, or over-eating. This is us trying to fill in this void, but needless to say, the attempt to fulfill the emptiness can’t be obtained physically. Fulfillment comes from achieving purpose internally. Yes, motivation is helpful when times are tough, but when you think about it, life is always going to be tough. Motivation is a short term boost to get over that one hump you’re currently facing. If you're ready to take the next step in developing your purpose and scaling your potential, then check out my book, Who The F*ck Am I!?, on Amazon today!

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