You Will Not Go Through Life Unscathed

So here's why EQ is so important...


First things first, I suffer from Bipolar 1 Disorder. My type has specifiers of Mixed Mania, Rapid-Cycling, and Psychotic Features. Mixed mania means I experience depression and mania at the same time. Psychotic features can include visual and/or auditory hallucinations with delusions. Rapid-cycling means I go through these episodes 4 or more times a year. In other words, it's a severe form of bipolar disorder, i.e. manic-depression, and I'm almost always in my feels.


I'm open about my mental disorder(s) to remove the stigma behind them. People with mental disorders need to know they aren't a burden to themselves and/or society. Yes, I know it's a lot to throw out there, but it is what it is.


Know there’s no need for concern or panic because I developed a system to help keep these things controlled. They aren't gone but more managed and closely monitored by myself along with 3 therapists.


By being consistent with a:


  • Psychiatrist (MD/DO) for Medication Management


  • Mental-Health Counselor for Family Therapy (and a)


  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist for Helping with My Mood Swings (and past trauma)


I’ve learned the proper techniques and strategies to control my mental disorders. Yes, I have multiple... Mind you, I have to control my disorders as opposed to letting them control me - I have bipolar disorder; I’m not bipolar. And I'm aware I had no control in avoiding these illnesses, however, I have control over how they affect me.


Some days are hell and other days I feel on top of the world, but when you think about it, that’s life.  Life is a constant roller coaster and so is co-existing with these disorders. Neither of them ever stop and are full of twists, turns, with sudden drops. How do I deal with it? I look back at the lives I’ve helped change to keep me going. Not for them, but for myself so I can do bigger, better things and give hope to those who are looking for it.​ I advocate for you to get adequate mental healthcare - it’s helped me greatly through the toughest times.


By the way, if you're struggling with bipolar disorder or know someone who is, here are links to FREE informative resources... the International Bipolar Foundation and MedCircle. Mental health education is important for you as a patient, friend, and/or family member because without understanding... you'll never be able to develop your emotional intelligence. Proper mental health care can help change the way you think, act, and respond to your disorders. There's nothing wrong with having mental disorders; it's wrong if you let them define you (in my opinion).​​


  • In life, everyone will experience the loss of someone significant to them.


  • In life, everyone will become so overworked and stressed they develop a form of anxiety.


  • In life, everyone will fall into a state of depression and feel so hopeless they don't want to live.


Acknowledgment is okay. You, dear reader, could be the reason those who feel this stay here on Earth with us. Without emotional intelligence, we are no better than savage beasts.




Cristian Gray