Take Control Of Your Career

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Even If You're Introverted


Stop settling for less and let's 2x or even 3x what you're currently worth!


Start becoming valued by your colleagues and peers for the human being your are!


Take charge of what you know and start putting it into a high-performing level of optimal use!


Grasp hold of your career path with ease by utilizing a simple KSAO's strategy that can take you just about anywhere.

Attention: I'm Looking For DRIVEN And DEDICATED Professionals

To Fill The Limited Spots In My Career Acceleration Mentorship Program


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Consulting Call Where I Will:

- Dive deep into the details of your PERSONAL situation and work directly with you to build a customized path to achieving your dream career.


- Break down your current sticking points and create a custom strategy to start seeing improvement TODAY.


- Cut through the bullshit and provide a proven structure to hold yourself accountable for long-term career control and success.

This Call Is For You If...

  • You feel stuck… the job you’re in has no more career growth because the organization is not proactively asking you what you want or looking for more ways to enhance your role's purpose.

  • You are devalued… you know you can do more with your life, and you’re getting anxiously depressed about how you want to contribute more but you can’t. 

  • You’re about to fucking lose it... you’re stressed to the fucking max and if your coworker does that same stupid shit again you’re going to rip your hair out and dropkick them in the throat. (let’s not do that, even though it would be funny)

  • You want to do something different… you’ve been doing the same-old shit-different-day for too long and it’s time for something new. 

  • You need more money… inflation is a total bitch and raising a family (if applicable) is costly when you add the mortgage, student loans, and car note all at the same time. (you need some breathing room)


If ANY of these things I'm saying describe your situation... I can help you. Fill out the form below to book a call with me personally.



A Former

secretary Turned

transportatioN DIRECTor


I am now making 3x more than before and consulting the team

on how to improve the transportation department!

Thank you Gray House Consulting for your expertise and professionalism.

I definitely recommend you give Gray House a chance, you will not be disappointed! "


This coaching call is APPLICATION ONLY. 

That means that I only want DRIVEN and MOTIVATED professionals who will actually take action on the things I teach.


I have a pretty strict screening process for who I'm willing to give this free coaching call...


So when you fill out the application, make sure you take it seriously and be as EXACT as possible!


I can't help you achieve your dream career path if you don't actually want that for yourself.


What I CAN do though, is take a MOTIVATED professional who is devoted to turning their career path around and get them results beyond their wildest dreams!


  • Increasing your closing percentage up to 50% for the career path you desire

  • Seeing first-hand what your skillset is and instantly boost your career confidence 

  • Lowering your rejections by 2/3 due to the enhanced relevance of your skill-set

  • Knowing what to expect from clients or hiring managers for your career offers

  • Doubling or even Tripling the salary you've been lacking so badly and get some financial breathing room

  • Acquiring the respect from your peers and colleagues because you feel valued as a human being

  • Reducing the social awkwardness ten-fold when people ask you what you do for a living

  • Having a career arsenal that you can use over and over again for different opportunities moving forward

  • Experiencing career happiness by working to live with a passion that's worth doing on a daily basis

I too worked in organizations that made me feel like shit, talked down to me as if I was an idiot, or let me go because I was unprofessional or inappropriate with no proof to back it up (being the scapegoat).


I also quit jobs I was too smart for and left good-paying ones because the workload was too much. Add the fact I too went through hundreds of rejections for having no experience or giving hiring managers honest answers about where I'm going to be in 5 years... you're not alone. 

I had the direct, fortunate opportunity of working with exceptional mental-health clinicians - this allowed me to earn the experience for knowing what motivates and incentivizes people. You, the average person, can become the exception and not the rule. All you have to do is hit that APPLY button and we can start pushing your career path toward the top!