Cristian Gray?

Like that guy from Fifty Shades...



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Yes, my name is like the guy from the movie  Fifty Shades of Gray.  Now that I got your attention, here's my story.


I’m a former blue-collar worker turned self-published author and professional development consultant. I specialize in social-dominance training for introverts like copywriters, engineers, and data analysts.


I train introverts to develop their soft-skills... It's a set of skills that makes them become better spouses, leaders, and human beings in their life. 


Looking back, I used to be a dick… and I know that sounds bad for a first impression but I’m being honest.


I was a total a-hole to people… so much that I tanked my career (and personal life) down the drain at one point. Why did this happen? I had no emotional intelligence (EQ). So I started working on it from scratch and over time I saw a turn for the better.


Not only was I able to manage my relationships better, but because I was humiliated to a level you couldn't imagine, I obtained the ability to finally stand up for myself and speak my mind in a way that makes people listen to me without trying hard...


After 26 months of operating in a fast-paced mental health clinic - a place that caters to people of different socioeconomic statuses... working here helped me enhance my soft-skills.​


As a result, my contribution to their business helped max out their client capacity in less than 2 years. Yes, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Now, I return the favor to you, the intelligent yet timid introvert. You too can learn how to optimize your work-life with ease and use those same skills in your personal life. Imagine that...


  • More sex appeal


  • More money


  • More career confidence


  • More authority (&)


  • More respect

All in all, I’m a regular guy who writes books and trains introverts to get the most out of their career

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