About Cristian Gray 

Who the fuck is he and is he a weirdo...

 Hey, fam, my name is Cristian Gray, and I am a former blue-collar worker turned professional development consultant for tech-professionals and administrators.

HOLD UP... your name is

Cristian gray like from fifty shades?

Yes... yes it is. Why Cristian Gray? Well, I wanted a pen name. There are numerous reasons why I was circling around the pseudonym Cristian Gray, but if I can be honest, using it is a really good marketing strategy. On top of that, I'm actually a lot darker than I normally lead on.

hmm... and who is your blog for?

I would be pretentious to say my blog is for anyone and everyone, but if I had to pinpoint who it's for, it would be for the troubled introvert. It's for the shy, awkward person who is super smart but always felt like they were put in the background when it came to socializing with others. You know, the guy (or gal) that seems weird or too much.

And how the hell did you manage to overcome that obstacle? 

I decided to stop pretending or trying to fit in. I first unraveled my confidence through the menswear style game, proper grooming, and working out... but the problem was that it only got me so far. Back then I was kind of a dick, but once I enhanced my emotional intelligence, I learned how to develop a luring magnetism from people, things got easier. 



And we should listen to YOu why? 

Quite frankly, you don't have to. Some of the things I post here are based on my opinion, and in a way, rant-writing is a way for me to get the shit in my head out of there. Not because I'm entitled, but if there is something I need to state I will say it. The reason I blog is to (1) manage my stress and anxiety, but (2) also provide some sort of value to someone else's life. I used to never be able to express my voice when I was younger, but once I found that my craft was in the art of word, well here is this blog that I've created.

So you wrote a self-help book?

What's your philosophy behind that... 

My book Who The Fuck Am I!? is a self-help guide that cuts the bullshit. You may have been taught to beat around the bush -  NO! Just fucking say what you need to say. Many people live life in hypnosis because they aren't confident with their capabilities or they fail to admit they have a problem. I wrote it in a way for you to create purpose in your life... the reason is, you can't find your purpose or your why the way you find the lost remote in between the sofa cushions. You need to continuously develop it once it's created. Therefore, once you build trust within yourself - question if where you want to go is where you truly desire to be...

gotcha! what will be

learned from this blog? 

Think about the STEM professional or Licensed Administrator like the accountant, IT person, doctor, copywriter, financial analyst, or computer programmer. What is their number one problem? They don't have the best soft-skills but they are super talented in their field.  Most of these people cap-out their career performance because they lack the fundamental traits executives are looking for in their leaders. To which I aim to help these folks. I've always had a deep interest in human resources and soft-skills so this is what I aim to help you develop.

  • Social Confidence

  • Mentorship Capability 

  • A Significant Work Ethic

  • High-Pressure Adaptability 

  • Time Management Principles 

  • Influential Leadership Authority

  • Exceptional TeamWork Collaboration

It's these particular traits that are going to allow you to acquire the love, respect, and income from your career, relationships, and colleagues. I want you to become an A-Player or if you're already one, an even better A-PlayerSo if you are looking for a new career opportunity, I can help you. If you are reluctant to take charge of your position at work, I can help you. If you are stuck mentally to start scaling the fuck out of your potential, and you need to figure out your purpose in life, I can help you. Together, you and I can get you out of your own shadow and put you in the spotlight. If you don't believe I can, let me explain...

Here's my life's recap

  • I used to live through other people's expectations instead of my own (this gave me a lot of anxiety)

  • Fell into the status quo (went to college, got a degree, fell into a Corporate America job that I hated, and got stuck with student loans)

  • I suffered years filled with anxiety, depression, and addiction because I couldn't control my emotions... Unfortunately, my Latino culture didn't educate us about mental-health

  • Went from a relatively healthy 220 lbs to an obese 260 lbs with health problems (I let myself go because of manic-depression)

  • Carried myself with a sense of entitlement (typical college-graduate stuff)

  • After making the risky move to drop out of graduate school, quit my good-paying Corporate America job, I dove into the world of the non-profit to serve the public community (it felt good to give back)

  • Learned how to think of someone other than myself and got my shit together (slowly but surely)

  • By discovering my purpose in life,  I now help tech-professionals and administrators through professional development e.g. courses, videos, seminars, workshops, etc.

  • Decided to create a YouTube channel and write a book as a way to bring value to people and start serving someone else other than myself (I had to start somewhere right?)

  • Created my online “business” (i.e. this blog, my book, & services) as a fulfillment of mine

  • I don’t feel like I’m on autopilot anymore now that I live life with a drive to succeed

I created this site for one reason and one reason only…

I aim to give the introverted administrators and tech-professionals, the applicable knowledge they need to grow their intelligence, skills, and abilities so they can open the opportunities that will enhance their life, career, relationships, and/or business.

Other than that, I’m just your average guy who ties in my current or past situations as the answers you're looking for... My end game is to teach you what college didn't and transform you into a continuously thriving A-Player.

Location: DFW Metroplex

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